1) Binge drinking is a problem in this country
2) We should legalise cannabis
3) We should replace the police force with private operators
4) I believe that the police protect capital more than they protect people
5) Abolish landlords
6) The means of production should be owned by the workers
7) The worker/employer relationship is inherently exploitative
8) I should boycott goods made in sweatshops
9) We should ban zero-hour contracts
10) I should boycott companies who treat their workers poorly but not illegally e.g not providing enough toilet breaks
11) We should break up big-tech
12) Billionaires are a policy failure
13) We should allow people to advertise on the moon
14) We should legalise insider trading
15) We should tax income from capital at a lower rate than income from labour
16) We should tax the rich more than we do now
17) We should tax ordinary people more than we do now
18) I am comfortable with high levels of redistribution of wealth
19) Abolish the monarchy
20) It is a good thing that religious leaders in the House of Lords have law making power
21) I am religious
22) I would be open to sending my child to a religious school
23) I would be open to sending my child to a single-sex school
24) Abolish private schools
25) Free school meals should be made available to all children
26) Children should be allowed to enter the workforce aged 12
27) I think people should be allowed to sell their organs and blood
28) Abortion should be legal
29) I think people should be discouraged from casual sex by their friends and family
30) Women tend to be submissive due to their biology
31) I think the consumption of porn is damaging to people's psyche
32) I would happily date a sex worker
33) I would have sex with an attractive alien
34) If polyamory became more mainstream it would cause problems for society as a whole
35) Racial diversity schemes represent unfair discrimination against white people
36) Trans women should be allowed to compete in women's sports regardless of the status of their transition
37) Abolish borders
38) I am comfortable with my country settling a lot of refugees
39) Immigration is damaging to the social fabric of my country
40) Decelerating our economy could mean a harder life but overall it is worth it because of the environmental and social gains it would bring
41) We should subsidise renewable energy
42) Nationalise utilities e.g energy and water
43) Nationalise the railways
44) Roads should be owned and funded by the government
45) In times of peace our nation should be self-sufficient with regard to food production, even if it means tariffs or subsidies
46) We should increase military spending